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Dkhyrosha - well, however you say or whatever you're called, welcome to the Downs! A student with too much time you say? You'll fit right in!

Legoli - good grief, we've got two legolas fans at once! Plural of legolas just gave me an odd image of hundreds of Bloom clones... Jetlagged from Florida? Jealous...jealous... Welcome to the Downs.

Tar-Ancalime - named after a character I haven't posted for a week? Well, you'll just have to make up for it now! Welcome.

Vanya - I wouldn't have guessed it wasn't your native language, seriously. And as for the 'Tolkien geeks' - welcome to paradise! You have excellent taste in books (I love Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams)

Radagastly - Loving the name...and the first editions. Nice. Welcome back.

Welcome all new members! Why not drop in on the RPG forums? The Green Dragon in the Shire is always ready to recieve new players...
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