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Pipe Well, I'm back...

Hello all...

I've returned following a lengthy absence. My reasoning for leaving was very close to what was posted above, namely that it seems everything's been covered here. But, I'm back on a mythology kick (inspired by Quentin Tarantino's KILL BILL saga, of all things), so I thought I'd return to my roots a bit.

Oh, and I went by Greyhame my first time around, in case anyone remembers...

Anyway, I've finished school since then, have gotten married, and I'm preparing for a year in the employ of the Central Illinois Red Cross in the disaster response department.

I'm currently reading the Letters, and so am very intrigued by Fordim's historia thread in Books.

Tolkien's philology interests me, but since I am a poor student of language, it's the mythology he built around his languages that fascinates me most.

Well, there's one post at least.
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