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Huinesoron has the answer, more or less.

They were all loved (romantically) by two people, not just one.

Not that common a thing in Tolkien. Only one of his characters even remarries, as far as I am aware.


I am not counting Finduilas. *She* loved Gwindor, then Turin, but I believe Turin only felt brotherly affection for *her*. (Don't shudder at this. He was blameless when it came to Niniel, unless you count not accepting 'No' the first time and ignoring Brandir's advice (IIRC)).

I include Idril, because my gut feeling is that Maeglin did love her. I have a friend whose parents were first cousins. I'm not saying it's a good idea for such a thing to happen often. It isn't. But I am not grossed out by the idea of it happening occasionally.

I exclude Eowyn, because I would definitely *not* dignify Grima's urges with the name of love.

Ditto others who lusted after Luthien. Only 2 are presented as loving her.

Are there any I have missed?

I thought at first I was going to have to use Edith as an answer to have enough for a password (she had got engaged to another man by the time Tolkien was 21, but broke it off when Tolkien got back in touch with her and declared his feelings unchanged).

EDIT: Do I have to include Ancalime? Was she *loved* by two or more men?
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