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Originally Posted by Kuru


I had the distinct impression yesterDAY that she was trying to signal that she had the Black Breath. I might have been off, but I had that impression. That does not make her look good to my mind toDAY.
Meaning my early Day One banter? Well you see, at the time I assumed victims were allowed to reveal outright- which they are, so actually it would be better to say I failed to guess that other players would assume they weren't. The point is that it didn't occur to me that it would be taken as a "hint".
Originally Posted by Kuru
Conclusion: I am *deeply* uncomfortable with her. Lottie’s suggestion regarding a potential plan exploiting McC seems a little chancy to want to risk for the wolves…but it would explain a lot to my mind. With the lack of a competing sick claim though, Nerwen’s claims cannot be discounted.
I can’t emphasize enough how uncomfortable on many, many fronts I am with her.
Hmmn. Lottie's theory on McCaber makes so little sense to my mind that I am myself rather "uncomfortable" with anyone who thinks it does. This is not really personal... it's just that a logical inference from the game dynamic is that, having targeted me last Night, the baddies will be trying hard to discredit me toDay... so when I see people doing what seems to me like clutching at straws, well it makes me wonder, even about you, who have otherwise seemed pretty innocent.

Nerwen vs. Lottie
Is it possible they are both baddies and have concocted some kind of scheme?
Come on, how could that work?

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