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Originally Posted by Lalaith View Post
Right, I'm going to vote for rep now to avoid any risk of modfire.
++Loslote for rep please.
Thank you, Lalaith for voting. I was beginning to worry you had fallen asleep on us.

Originally Posted by Nerwen View Post
Can I put it this way: do you truly, honestly have a theory that would account for two false claims and no counterclaims? You don't have to explain it, just "yes" or "no".

How about this:

"O Great and Wise 'erbalist, we thy 'umble charges express our great gratitude to thee for last NIGHT's good work. I, Kuruharan, son of Khoreth of Durin's Folk do 'umbly beseech thee to 'eal Nerwen of the Folk of Oz of whatever foul disease 'ath smote 'er. Unless, of course, McCaber the Absent happens to appear and claim to be sick.

I do beseech this with 'and on 'eart and in all sincerity in spite of my funny accent, which just seemed too amusing not to adopt.

Unless, of course, being Great and Wise you 'ave a better idea."

And I mean every word of it...which will hopefully further set Lottie's mind at rest about me too.

Now...on the subject of Lottie I would happily vote for her right now...except I would really like some idea of what she will vote for because there are some potential lynch victims I will absolutely not support.

And I'd prefer not to lynch anybody today.

Xed with some additional votes
...finding a path that cannot be found, walking a road that cannot be seen, climbing a ladder that was never placed, or reading a paragraph that has no...

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