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Originally Posted by IxnaY AintsaY View Post
I think a Del Toro version would have been really interesting at the least. Possibly very good; and almost certainly would not have cleaved closely to the book except maybe, maybe in a spiritual sense.

There, in just a quick lick of typing, I've fulfilled my vague and indemonstrable speculation quota for the day!
Oh don't get me wrong, I would have been far more interested to see Del Toro's "Hobbit" than what we got. That being said, the only Del Toro film I've seen is Hellboy II and I didn't like it (although that may be because I watched it on a plane, hadn't seen the first one and/or wasn't a pre-existing Hellboy enthusiast).

I just think that Del Toro's version, as you say, might have cleaved less closely, and might have been even more stylised and, perhaps, weird. It probably would have been more visually and artistically interesting than Jackson's, though, I suspect.

I know little of the art of filmmaking but I sometimes can't help but think that the success of Jackson's "The Lord of the Rings" may have owed more to the fact that it was an exciting story to begin with than people usually give it credit for.
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