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DGF-SL-01: Yes that would works, because it refers to the entire Third Age. I would probably have removed the reference to the white tree completely. But it is okay as it is, so it does not do the trick fully for me (see last point in this post).

LA-SL-16, LA-SL-17 & DGF-SL-03.5: Agreed.

LA-SL-13 & DGF-SL-13: Yes, that works for me.

DGF-SL-16: Okay.

I am still not completely satisfied with the structure in this chapter. This might sound a bit radical, but what about this:
FY-HL-01<Of the Rings of Power and the Third Age
The Fading Years
>TFY-01<Of the Rings of Power and the Third Age {Those}These were the Fading Years, ... arose in Mirkwood again.>FY-HL-02b<Cirion and Eorl
The Tradition of Isildur
> DGF-SL-01 <Of the Rings of Power Thus began the Third Age of the World, … for after Elendil’s day the two kindreds became estranged. DGF-SL-02 <GC Amroth {but he}Amdír was slain in the Battle of Dagorlad and most of his company with him. Amroth, his son, became king [of Lórien].> DGF-SL-03 <GC Appendix B Thranduil {his}Oropher’s son survived, but when the war ended and Sauron was slain (as it seemed) he led back home barely a third of the army that had marched to war.>
The Ruling Ring passed out of the knowledge even of the Wise in that age; yet it was not unmade. For Isildur DGF-SL-03.5{would not surrender it to Elrond and Círdan who stood by. They counselled him to cast it into the fire of Orodruin nigh at hand, in which it had been forged, so that it should perish, and the power of Sauron be forever diminished, and he should remain only as a shadow of malice in the wilderness. But Isildur refused this counsel, saying: ‘This I will have as were-gild for my father's death, and my brothers. Was it not I that dealt the Enemy his death-blow?' And the Ring that he held seemed to him exceedingly fair to look on; and he would not suffer it to be destroyed. Taking}took it {therefore}and he returned at first to Minas Anor, and there planted the White Tree in memory of his brother Anárion.> DGF-SL-04 <The Disaster of the Gladden Fields {After the fall of Sauron, Isildur, the son and heir of Elendil, returned to Gondor.} There he assumed the Elendilmir as King of Arnor, and proclaimed his sovereign lordship over all the Dúnedain in the North and in the South; for he was a man of great pride and vigor. He remained for a year in Gondor, restoring its order and defining its boundsDFG-SL-04.5<moved from below and instructing Meneldil his nephew>DGF-SL-07b<moved from below from The Disaster of the Gladden Fields [Footnote to the text: Meneldil was the {nephew of Isildur, }son of Isildur's younger brother Anárion, slain in the siege of Barad-dûr. Isildur had established Meneldil as King of Gondor.]>; DGF-SL-05{[Footnote: As is related in the Tale of Cirion and Eorl, drawing on older histories, now mostly lost, for its account of the events that led to the Oath of Eorl and the alliance of Gondor with the Rohirrim.]} but the greater part of the army of Arnor returned to Eriador by the Númenórean road from the Fords of Isen to Fornost.>
GF-SL-06<ToI {It is said that when Isildur returned from the War of the Last Alliance he remained for a time in Gondor, ordering the realm and instructing Meneldil his nephew, before he himself departed to take up the kingship of Arnor.} With Meneldil and a company of trusted friends … unless he be an heir of Elendil.’
They made a stone stair … and other matters that he should know.>FY-HL-03b <Disaster of the Gladden Fields
Of the Disaster of the Gladden Fields
> DGF-SL-08<Disaster of the Gladden Fields When he at last felt free to return to his own realm {he}Isildur was in haste, and he wished to go first to Imladris; for he had left his wife and youngest son there, and he had moreover an urgent need for the counsel of Elrond. …
I lifted The Tradition of Isildur to one level higher and used it for the entire story of Isildurs time in Gondor.
Beside that I added DGF-SL-04.5 and moved DGF-SL-07b to this now first occurrence of Meneldil. Since here he is already named a nephew of Isildur, I changed the note accordingly.

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