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Everyone looks so good. Really, wit and fine taste do show up on someone's face. Not that beauty is not found within, but all the more so, cause it shines on the outside as well.
Aina, I like your hair, how it's all messed up like that (intentionally) It looks cool. And Leny, great pic, with that flower crown, you look very Elvish.
TheKa, hmm, want to keep us guessing? ;P I was tempted to send a pic of me with a huge hat over my face, but I eventually changed my mind.
Hookbill, random fact: I have that same edition (copy) of LOTR. Pretty nice.
I'm surprised that everyone says the phantom looks like Brad Pitt, I don't see any similarity. But maybe I haven't looked at Brad Pitt that carefully, which might well be the case.
And no one was ill, and everyone was pleased, except those who had to mow the grass.
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