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Eswen: Fea thinks about the picture taken of her yesterday... it involved reflective shades and a chain necklace. I always knew I liked you.
Thank you very much Fea I was going to go for a more Elvish look, I have a cloak (but no sword sadly), But decided to go for a more Matrix feel, if I had the nerve I may have worn my cloak and shades for an Agent Elrond look (more feminine of course).

And I'd also like to note that my hair is now dark blue and it's natural red, very funky. We Barrow Downers are a handsome collection of ghouls are we not?
"...for the sin of the idolater is not that he worships stone, but that he worships one stone over others.
-8:9:4 The Witness of Fane"
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