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Káta, Dulaan, and Jóra go visiting.....

As Granny finished talking, Káta slipped up behind her. ‘Let’s leave the men to talk,’ she said, smiling at Grimr as he picked up the pitcher of ale she’d left near him and topped off his mug. Erling had not spoken yet, and Káta felt it might be easier to talk about such things if the women were to leave.

‘You, too, Jóra,’ she said in a firm voice, ignoring her daughter’s hmmph! of disgust. ‘And no arguing, please,’ she went on, effectively cutting off the about-to-be loud protest of how unfair it all was. ‘We’re going to Gunna’s house. I want to pick up some skeins of yarn Mem was spinning for me. And Granny has a sack of our goats’ hair to bring to her.’ Jóra’s face brightened at the mention of Gunna and Mem. She loved playing with the baby and Mem always told the best stories.

Valr ducked his head when his mother looked over at him, pretending he had not seen her beckoning gesture. He could not avoid her spoken request, and with some reluctance got up from his seat by his older brothers. A few soft words from Káta and Valr’s head was nodding; his frown changed to a grin. He wouldn’t have to go with them, she’d told him – only fetch one of the geese father and the others had brought back from hunting. They’d bring it in trade for the fine yarns that Mem spun.

Granny and Jóra loaded up the family’s little two-wheeled cart once Káta and Valr had hitched the donkey to it. Two fair-sized leather bags of the fine, soft hair were stacked in the back. And the goose, wrapped securely in a piece of heavy plain cloth, was stowed securely beneath the seat. Káta drove, with Granny on the seat beside her. Jóra settled in the back, resting comfortably against the wool sacks.


‘Gunna, are you there?’ Káta knocked softly on the door of the little house.

‘I see the little fire’s going,’ Jóra cried, pointing to where the smoke curled upwards from the chimney. ‘I’m sure someone’s home,’ she said pushing past her mother and trying the door’s handle. It opened easily and the young girl rushed in. ‘Oh, there’s my little giggle-bunny!’ she said, clapping her hands as she spied the sleeping baby. ‘Hey, Mem! It’s me Jóra. Sorry! Din't mean to wake her up. She's so sweet! Can I hold her?’ She knelt down near Mem and put her hand lightly on the woman’s arm.

‘We’re here, too!’ Káta’s voice came lightly into the room as she and Granny entered. ‘Káta and Granny Dulaan. Is Gunna here?’ Káta’s eyes took in the little tableau. She must be.... she thought to herself, noting the baby.

‘Gunna?’ she said a little louder.....

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