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Posted by Aiwendil:
Here is a case where it would really be helpful to have the actual Narn texts instead of just CRT's version. It's possible, after all, that the reason the statement is not in the "final" text is that Tolkien decided against it.
That's definitly true for many parts in the Narn. And it would also be a nice read, to be sure, if The History of the Túrin-Saga would be published.

NA-EX-27: So we agree on this.

NA-TI-05: In this particular case you might be right. Christopher Tolkien said in his forword:
... The concluding section (from The Return of Túrin to Dor-Lómin to the Death of Túrin) has undergone only marginal editorial alteration; while the first section (to the end of Túrin in DOriath) required a good deal of revision and selection, and in some places some slight compression, the original texts being scrappy and disconected. But the central section of the narrative (Túrin among the outlaws, Mîm the Petty-dwarf, the land of Dor-Cúrathol, the Death of Beleg at Túrins hand, and Túrin's life in Nargothrond) constituted a much more difficult editorial problem. ...
He does not give the rules by which he made his 'selections' but since he had surely had the better state of info than we have we should may be follow his lead.

NA-TI-06: What about this palcement:
... Thus for a little while his mood was lightened, until he fell again under shadow, and that friendship passed like a morning of spring. For NA-TI-06<NA; Note 7 always{Always} he sought in all faces of women the face of Lalaith{.}, and> Nellas did not go to Menegroth, and ...
NA-TI-07: I agree that it is the saver way not to include this. The note does provide the alternative text at lenght, so that our addition could only be halfe original. But the argument about Túrins identity is not really valid. At latest when he put on the Dragon-helm brought by Beleg any men from Dor-Lómin would have know who he was.

NA-TI-07.5: Reading it again I must say that we should even make the first part past perfect since it is already in retrospect. What does not sweet me in your version is the loss of "remained in the Vale of Sirion". Thus I would suggest:
Then all those that were of the People of Hador gathered to him, and took him as their captain; and the others with less good will agreed. And at once he led them away out of that country.{ 10}NA-TI-07.2 <NA; note 11 {they}They remained in the Vale of Sirion, and {indeed that they were not far from their previous haunts at the time of the Orc-raid on the homes of the Woodmen. In one tentative version they} went away southwards>.
Many messengers had been sent ...
... But they for their part became aware that they were trailed by some tireless pursuer, whom they could not see, and yet could not shake off; and they grew uneasy.{ 11}NA-TI-07.5 <NA; note 11 Túrin and his band {came}had come to the country {"}above the Aelinuial and the Fens of Sirion{"}; but the men becoming discontented in that {"}harbourless land{"}, Túrin was persuaded to lead them back to the woodlands south of {Teiglin}[Taeglin] where he first encountered them.>
Not long afterwards ...
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