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NA-TI-08.5, NA-EX-27.7: Both were planed as footnotes. Maybe my editing was not entierly clear in this.

NA-TI-11: Your suggestions is a good deal better then mine.

NA-TI-28.5: I dessired to clear the riddle, and this was the only way I could think of doing so. If we retain it at all I would suggest to bring in a bit earlier:
Yet, and strange it seemed to them, with Trin it went otherwise; and he became ever more friendly with the old Dwarf, and listened more and more to his counsels. In the winter that followed he would sit for long hours with Mm, listening to his lore and the tales of his life; nor did Trin rebuke him if he spoke ill of the Eldar. NA-TI-11 <Sil77 For Mm came of Dwarves that were banished in ancient days from the great Dwarf-cities of the east, and long before the return of Morgoth they wandered westward into Beleriand; but they became diminished in stature and in smith-craft, and they took to lives of stealth, walking with bowed shoulders and furtive steps. Before the Dwarves of Nogrod and Belegost came west over the mountains the Elves of Beleriand knew not what these others were, and they hunted them, and slew them; but afterwards they let them alone, and they were called Noegyth Nibin, the Petty-Dwarves, in the Sindarin tongue. They loved none but themselves, and if they feared and hated the Orcs, they hated the Eldar no less, and the Exiles most of all; for the Noldor, they said, had stolen their lands and their homes. Long ere King Finrod Felagund came over the Sea, the caves of Nargothrond were discovered by them, and by them its delving was begun; and beneath the crown of Amon Rdh, the Bald Hill, the slow hands of the Petty-Dwarves had bored and deepened the caves through the long years that they dwelt there, untroubled by the Grey-elves of the woods. But now at last they had dwindled and died out of Middle-earth, all save Mm and his two sons; and Mm was old even in the reckoning of Dwarves, old and forgotten. NA-EX-28.5<Narn, Note 19 /Thus Trin learned that/{refers to} Mm {seeking}/had sought/ {"}for old treasures of a dwarf-house near the 'flat stones'{"}.> {And}But in his halls the smithies were idle, and the axes rusted, and {their name}[the name of the Petty-Dwarves] was remembered only in ancient tales of Doriath and Nargothrond.> Mm seemed well pleased, and showed much favour to Trin in return; him only would he admit to his smithy at times, and there they would talk softly together. Less pleased were the Men; and Andrg looked on with a jealous eye.>
Thus we would only hint at the gold and admit only that Trin did learn of the ancient history of Petty-Dwarves.

NA-TI-07.5: I did split use of the note for the reason that it would take some time before the outlaws came the land above Aelin-uial and became discontent their. In addition I find it much better to make Beleg follow them before we tell that they came at least back to the place were Beleg first found their track.

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