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the Curse on Androg: What a bad argument on my side! That what a bad memory creats! Your suggestions is good, but I think wounded should be used to clear it up ultimatly:
NA-EX-41 <Ap Narn It was only then that {he} [Andróg] revealed to Túrin the existence of the inner stair; and he was one of those who came by that way to the summit. There he is said to have fought more valiantly than any, NA-SL-02 but he fell at last{ mortally} wounded {by an arrow; and thus the curse of Mîm was fulfilled.}[but alone of all]> <Aelfwine & Dírhaval A the outlaw-band of Túrin{, and alone}he survived the battle on the summit of Amon Rûdh.>
Without the point above we are then done with this section.

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