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wilwarin538 is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.wilwarin538 is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.
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My Stats

Games played: 13
Games modded: 2 (co modding one now aswell)
WereX: 4
Ordo: 6
Seer: 1
Hunter: 1
Shirriff: 1

On winning team: 5 of 13
On losing team: 7 of 13
(Mith won a game)

Killed by wolves: 4
Lynched: 4
Survived til end: 3
One game I was modfired (I asked to be), another I died in the middle of Day 3 because someone completed some sort of task.

J II: Malkatoj's game - wolf, lynched Day 5 (Wolf win)
J IV: Kitanna's game - hunter, lynched Day 1 (Wolf win)
J VII: Valier's game - werecat, lynched Day 2 (Village win)
VII: Firefoot's game - shirriff, killed Night 8 (Wolf win)
VIII: Oddwen's game - seer, killed Night 4 (Village win)
IX: Enca's game - wolf, survived til end (Wolf win)
X - modded
XI: Holby's game - ord, lynched Day 5 (Wolf win)
XIV: Alcarillo's game - ord, killed Night 3 (Wolf win)
LVII: Shasta's game - ord, survived til end (Mith won)
LVIII: Sally's game - wereduck, died middle of Day 3 (Village win)
LX: Lommy's game - ord, survived til end (Village win)
LXI - modded
LXII: Brinniel's game - ord, modfired (asked to be) Night 4 ( Wolf win)
LXIX: Lariren Shadow's game - ord, killed Night 2 (Village win)
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