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The Sally Saga

Sally, I put this together while doing mine, since we started playing at the same time and have mostly been in the same games. If I've got anything wrong, let me know.

XXXIX: Do Werebalrogs have wings?
Ordo. Lynched Day 3. Village won.

XL: The scouring of the Shire, vol.2
Ordo (Sally Shortbrush). Lynched Day 3. Wolves won.

XLII: Mist in the Barrow Downs
Ordo. Lynched Day 4. Wolves won.

XLIV: In the House of Tom Bombadil
Ordo (Sally the Insufferable, a slightly mad cripple). Killed Night 2. Wolves won.

XLV: The Fellowship of Saruman
Seer (Théodred). Survived. Village won.

XLVI: Getting Back to Basics
Ordo (Village therapist). Lynched Day 4. Wolves won.

Werewolf XLII: The meaning of life forever
Wolf. Survived (I think– that was a very strange game). Wolves won.

XLVII: Dueling Wizards Werewolf II
Ordo (Assistant Bird-Tamer). Survived. Village won.

XLVIII: When Virtual Becomes Reality
Cobbler (The fan of everything but Tolkien). Killed Night 5. Hackers (wolves) won.

L: Battle of the Fandoms
Wolf (Doctor Who Lover). Lynched Day 3. Wolves won.

LII: Star Crossed II: Together for Eternity
Juliet/Lover. Lynched Day 6. Lovers lost, village won (no wolves).

LIV: The Council of Evil
Ordo (In-game role unknown). Lynched Day 5. Werebear won.

LV: Sing when you're winning
Ordo (soprano). Lynched (Day unclear). Critics (wolves) won.

LVI: Panic at the Prancing Pony
Ringwraith (Hobbit cute hobo). Lynched Day 5. Ringwraiths (wolves) won.

LVII: Chess Game for Middle Earth
White Rook/Hunter. Killed Night 5. Grey Queen Mithalwen won.

LIII: The Republic
Ordo. Lynched (Day unclear). Wolves won.

LVIII: Escape From Angband (or Behavioral Modification)
Moddess. Village won.

LX: Mortal Men, doomed to die
Ringwraith. Lynched Day 4. Village won.

LXI: Grimm Tales
Princess/Lover (A poor serving girl). Killed Night 3. Fairy-tale villains (wolves) won.

LXII: Dead Men Do Tell Tales
Co-conspirator/Cobbler (Legless Sally Dawkins, Carpenter). Lynched Day 4. Mutineers (wolves) won.

LXIII: Were-Librarians
Were-librarian. Fenrissed Day 1. Village won, Lovers won.

LXV: Our fate lies with...them?
Ordo (Movie Quotes Girl). Survived until last day. Wolves won.

Played 21 games, won 8, 1 tie. Wolf 5 times, cobbler twice, gifted twice, lover twice. Lynched 13 times, night-killed 4 times, survived until end 4 times. Fenrissed once.
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