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Macalaure is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.Macalaure is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.
WWJ IX - ordo - lynched all baddies in four days, but the last one (Ang) killed me the day before he went down himself (won)

WWJ X - ordo - utterly defeated by the wolves in three days, survived but killed in the wolf victory (lost)

WWJ XI - ordo - got rid of two wolves early, then completely fooled by the remaining Nog-wolf, killed in Night7, Nogrod lynched the Day after (won)

WW XXIV - ordo - somehow ended up being the scapegoat and lynched on Day2, the wolves went down anyway (won)

WWJ XII - weaver (seer-like) - figured out the real seer Kitanna on Day2 and was dreamt of the previous night, so the two of us took control of the village and defeated the "things" (won)

WW XXV - werecreature lover - made it through until the end with my were-lover Lhuna (won)

WW XXVII - ordo - participated in an unholy quadruple lynching, lynched by last wolf and two cobblers on the last Day. My Nogrod-paranoia started in this game (lost)

WW XXIX - ordo - killed right off the bat by alpha-wolf Rikae. Village won without me (won)

WW XXXI - seer - dreamt of two wolves (Lommy and xyzzy) and survived til the end (won)

WW XXXII - cobbler lover - my lover Lommy didn't know I was rooting for the wrong side. I couldn't help the wolves from being swept by the village, though. At least I successfully diminished the mental health of Saucey (lost)

WW XXXIII - wolf - tricked by seer Volo (who claimed to have dreamt of me to test my reaction). With the help of the Saucepan Cobbler, talked village into double-lynching me and Volo. Co-wolves Di and Shasta survived til the end (won)

WW XXXV - ranger - depowered by Rikae after a successful protection during Night2, but having this one known innocent was crucial in the end (won)

WW XXXVIII - ordo - sniffed out wolves Lommy and Brinn on Day2 and subsequently got killed (won)

WW XXXIX - wolf - played badly and got lynched on Day2 (lost)

WW XXXX - wolf - managed to fool everyone and neatly survived to victory together with Fea and Agan (won)

WW XXXXI - wolf - dreamt of by the seer and lynched on Day4, but cursed villager morm survived (won)

- ordo - innocently lynched by a misguided mob on Day2 (lost)

WW XLIV - ordo - thought I totally figured out the wolves, was completely wrong, and got lynched by a very angry mob on Day3 (lost)

WW XLVII(DWII) - ranger - GW phantom made me his ranger, but the wolves already killed me during Night3. We had a sound victory anyway, since EW Rikae had the worst of luck (won)

WW L - wolf - messed it up pretty well in the beginning and got both my fellows lynched early on. Then, because of this, I was able to make it through countless days unsuspected. A beautiful getting-each-other-lynched relationship with Boro started here (won)

WW LII - ordo - suspected of giftedness and killed in Night4 (won)

- ordo - evil conspired against me and got me lynched (lost)

WW LVI - cobbler - had the power to send the wolves names of people I thought were gifted, and subsequently handed in all the wolves' names while ignoring all their hints to me. In spite of me being such a bad cobbler, evil won (won)

WW LVIII - ordo-ish - God, it's really impossible to re-understand this game after some time. Once more I seem to have been lynched by a mob at some day (won)

WW LXII - wolf - figured out and viciously pursued by Lommy. Got lynched, but won (won)

- ordo - swept the wolves in 3 days (won)

played 26 games

won 19/26 (73%)
won when good 12/17 (71%)
won when evil 7/9 (78%) (as a wolf (-lover), won 6/7)

survived when evil 5 (won 4. lost 1)
survived when good 5 (won 4, lost 1)
lynched when evil 4 (won 3, lost 1)
lynched when good 6 (won 2, lost 4)
killed (when good) 6 (won 6) <- There you go, wolves. If you want to have chance to win, don't you kill me.
D'ici bas je perçois ma demeure, ses prairies éternelles perdues dans les nuées.
Là où naissent les couleurs nouvelles,
Là où mon coeur et mon âme sont restés.

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