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New Stats

Games: 7
Modded: 1
Werewolf: 3*
Ranger: 1
Hunter: 1
Gretel: 1
Ordinary Villager: 1
Seer: 0
Cobbler: 0
Lover: 0
*Dark Hunter once, Vampire once.

On winning team: 3 out of 7*
On losing team: 4 out of 7
Survived to end: 5 out of 7

*Mith won Shasta’s game…odd game.

Killed by wolves: 1 out of 7
Lynched: 0 out of 7
Survived till the end: 5 out of 7
Killed by the Were-bear: 1 out of 7

LV Mith’s game: Wolf, lived till end.
LVI Kitanna’s game: Ranger, lived till end.
LVII Shata’s game: Dark Hunter(Wolf), killed by Were-Bear Night 4
LVIII Sally’s game: Hunter, lived till end.
LVIX the phantom’s game: Vampire(Wolf), lived till end.
LVXI Wilwa’s game: Gretel, lived till end.
LXV Boro's game: Ordo, killed Night 2.
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