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Nerwen is a guest of Galadriel in Lothlórien.Nerwen is a guest of Galadriel in Lothlórien.Nerwen is a guest of Galadriel in Lothlórien.Nerwen is a guest of Galadriel in Lothlórien.Nerwen is a guest of Galadriel in Lothlórien.
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Time for an update

XXXIX: Do Werebalrogs have wings?
Ordo. Survived. Village won.

XL: The scouring of the Shire, vol.2
Ordo (Nerwen Hornblower). Lynched Day 1. Wolves won.

XLI: With a Twist
Wolf (Miller). Lynched Day 3. Wolves won.

XLII: Mist in the Barrow Downs
Ordo. Survived until last Day. Wolves won.

XLIV: In the House of Tom Bombadil
Wolf (Wife of the leader of the beggars). Survived. Wolves won.

XLV: The Fellowship of Saruman
Ordo (Elladan). Killed Night 1. Village won.

XLVI: Getting Back to Basics
Ordo (Village veterinarian). Killed Night 5. Wolves won.

XLVII: Dueling Wizards Werewolf II
Ordo (Village Healer). Lynched Day 1. Village won.

XLVIII: When Virtual Becomes Reality
Hacker (Chat-speaking fangurl). "Killed" (had to drop out) Night 3. Hackers (wolves) won.

XLIX - At the Source of Darkness
Assassin (Treasure-seeker). Survived until last Day. Wolves won.

L: Battle of the Fandoms
Ordo (Jedi Master N’Rwen). Lynched Day 5. Wolves won.

LIII: The Republic
Ordo. Survived until last Day. Wolves won.

LVI: Panic at the Prancing Pony
Ringwraith (Hobbit beer-brewer). Survived. Ringwraiths (wolves) won.

LVII - Chess Game for Middle Earth
White Rook/Hunter. Killed Night 2. Grey Queen Mithalwen won.

LVIII: Escape From Angband (or Behavioral Modification)
Wereduck (Cheerleading Pollyanna). Killed by Assassin Night 5. Village won.

LX: Mortal Men, doomed to die
Ordo (The Queen of the Sea). Survived. Village won.

LXI: Grimm Tales
Big Bad Wolf (Village bookmaker). Killed by Huntsman Day 6. Fairy-tale villains (wolves) won.

LXII: Dead Men Do Tell Tales
Ordo (Almost-Blind Nerwen, Navigator). Survived until last Day. Mutineers (wolves) won.

Tol-in-Gaurhoth LXIII: The Cottage of Lost Play
Ordo. Killed Night 4. Wolves won.

LXIV: Were-Librarians
Star Football Player/Ranger (Ex-cheerleader). Survived. Village won, Lovers won.

LXV: Our fate lies with...them?
Cobbler (resreveR ehT). Survived. Wolves won.

LXVI: The Night Guard
Ordo. Killed Night 5. Wolves won.

LXVII: The Rangers of the North - The Fell Winter
Wolf. Survived. Wolves won.

Tol-in-Gaurhoth LXVIII: A Full Moon Over Innsmouth
Ordo (last scion of a decaying dynasty). Survived. Village won.

LXIX: Meeting at the House of Usher
Ordo. Survived until last Day. Wolves won, treacherous backstabbing Lovers won.

LXX: At the Prison of Ice
Wolf. Survived. Wolves won.

Played 26 games, won 14, 1 tie. Wolf 8 times, gifted 3 times, cobbler once. Lynched 4 times, night-killed by wolves 4 times, hunted twice, mod-killed once, survived until end 14 times. Lynched when good 3 times, lynched once when evil.
"Even Nerwen wasn't evil in the beginning." –Elmo.

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