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Originally Posted by alatar View Post
Has anyone studied the effect of a "Morgul" arrow being used by a non-wraith?

Our studies, though not totally comprehensive, suggest that most of the "Morgul" weapons, with the exception of those used by one of the Nine, are in fact cheap knock offs made in Khand. They are simply over-priced standard issue poisoned weapons with great infomercials.

So any elf could heal the wound caused by such a weapon.

And note that when Arwen glowed, she wasn't healing Frodo, but just approaching him when he was in a very sickened state. Possibly just delirium.
Alatar hast hit it. A splintering Morgul blade in the hand of Angmar is an epically bad weapon. Ringwraiths bring Black Breath. Morgul blades, I would imagine, channel that black breath like copper channels electrons. (If my Physics professors are reading this, this isn't me.)

Arrows are not swords. Orcs are not ringwraiths. So the healer didn't have to be varsity. She was healing poison, not black breath. I had no problem with that.

As far as the glowing... even in the woods of the Shire, the Wood elves glowed on the way to the Grey Havens. They weren't Glorfindel either (and if they were supposed to represent Gildor, well, they didn't...)
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