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Originally Posted by Sarumian View Post
Having said that, I am not going to claim that Peter Jackson totally lacks talent or, in particular, imagination. It is rather vision that is missing. Without the big picture, imagination tends to led the narrative astray: one alteration for the sake of a moment that would look pretty on screen leads to characters changing their “characters” and roles in the story; and, in the end, the logic of the whole is gravely compromised.
I'd agree with you, Sarumian, in that PJ definitely does not lack imagination or talent, but just seemingly can't see the big picture over a bunch of cool scenes. Tauriel's bow cut out of her hand by Thranduil - cool (I guess), but how do we get the characters to that scene? Orcs showing up by surprise using the Nameless creatures (Wereworms) - cool (I guess), but why aren't they used later in the LotR trilogy (beyond the issues I raised previously, though these worms might explain how Osgiliath's sewage system goes under the Anduin).

And so on.
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