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Originally Posted by LordPhillock View Post
Hey everyone! I am happy that the forum is back, and since it was all gone for so long, I was going to link up a podcast I and my brother run, and one where in December 2014, we dedicated three episodes discussing our "Hobbit Trilogy" experiences. I'd rather love it if you could maybe listen to that to get a glimpse of what my feelings to the films are and were -- and some experiences I, my brother, and our cousin had during these "turbulent times" from 2012 to 2014. Needless to say, we did not like the films... but felt that they were so utterly bizarre, we were morbidly excited seeing how they would turn out.
Hi Phil, I'll definitely check these out when I next get a chance. I watched your commentaries on the first two films and they definitely amused - your exaggerated impersonation of Ian McKellen saying "Saurrrron! Rrrringwrrrrraiths!" has become a kind of personal joke of mine... I may have stolen it for use in my own conversations about the films. I think at the end of the first commentary you said something about how anyone who watched the commentary should email you to prove he/she had watched it (I forget what the password was) and I was going to, but I realised I wasn't sure of your email address (beyond the one mentioned in the commentaries which I got the impression you were going to make but I wasn't sure if you actually did make it).

By the way it was a shame about that notice on the YouTube channel regarding the audiobook LotR but I'm glad it has nonetheless survived, I was listening to some later chapters recently and really enjoyed your reading of "Durin's Folk" in particular.
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