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Very tempting thread....

I think, in addition there is another thread devoted to Led Zep and Tolkien. Without having to find it and post the link (as that's far too complicated a procedure for such as I), what I basically said there was that Robert Plant denied Stairway ever being about Tolkien's work. In the Zep book Hammer of the Gods it states that he was very much interested in fantasy and celtic literature around that time, as were many people, and as such, these influences came out in his lyrics. Though, I don't see how he could deny the influence of Lord of the Rings in songs such as Ramble On, which mentions Gollum and Mordor, and Misty Mountain Hop.

Anyway, what music makes me think of Middle Earth? Apart from classical music, which is not what was asked? Rather a lot of folk music does, particularly Fairport Convention. And Jethro Tull's more flowery moments (Bouree is real Hobbit music), or maybe a bit of Gabriel era Genesis (I'm thinking The Battle of Epping Forest). Although, all of the above may be for me associated with what a lot of fans seemed to be into when I first read the books! On a more modern scale, I often think of Dwarves and Mountains when I listen to Bjork, and my fave song right now (not Bjork) has the following line which is quite Middle Earth (even if the rest of the song is not) : your lonely voice calls across the starlit coast.

I would post links but I'm actually pugged into the media player right now...

Nothing wrong with Rammstein, Lachwen.
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