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The table (link still as above) has now been updated: I've added more tables to cover mammals, reptiles & amphibians, fish, and invertebrates. Between them, they include every animal species name I could find, other than for thinking and fantasy creatures.

What's interesting is to see which animals Tolkien only decided in the latest stages he needed to name. That doesn't happen with birds, where the only new coinages in the LotR era were Primitive Elvish roots. But apparently deer, squirrels, foxes, and frogs urgently needed a place in Middle-earth once the Trilogy came out. (A frog, charmingly, is Quenya Quc, which I'm pretty sure is onomatopoeia).

As before, bold underline indicates latest-phase words (which includes all those in the last two columns, since Tolkien only really had one phase for each non-Elven language), while underline indicates words from the period between The Hobbit and LotR, which - occasional spelling issues aside - are probably still valid. (They include Q. 'liante' for 'spider', which is the obvious cognate to the end of S. 'Ungoliant'.)

Sadly, however, all discussion of camels, jackals, eels, and weevils must remain strictly theoretical. Those words are very old and invalid.

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