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In my dream I found myself in Mordor. I don't know why I was there or how I came there, but I knew that I had to do some slaying, I think I was part of a game in Mordor (I knew that it was Mordor because there was Lava everywhere, but it was cold already.) The game was more or less about orc-killing.
Then suddenly there were a few Ents who looked rather strange and artificial, but in my dream they were Ents. One of them gave me a shield, I think I had a sword already, and he gave me a bow called "Windforce", that's a bow of a computer game that I haven't been playing for ages, it's called Diablo. The Ent told me, well he didn't tell me but he looked at me and I understood (like Pippin looking in the Palantir) that I was entering the dangerous area.
Then I moved on and I think there was Legolas entering something like a gate to the game-area where you had to slay orcs or something like that. More or less like Diablo is all about.
Then I woke up and thought "what the.... was that?" Sadly enough I didn't see any orcs.
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