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Do you pronounce Mortensen Mortensen or Mortensen?

Anyway, I had another dream last night, not exactly happy one, kind of like my last one, it should've been scarey, but it wasn't.

It was like I was Cinderella, except that my father was the worst, and that the rest of my family were ents. They would routinely throw me about the house (luckily for them it was a dream and I didn't get hurt). My house was exactly like my house is (except without chairs, ents don't need chairs) apart from, that it was on the sea front. I walked down the road a bit and the sea was getting really choppy and from nowhere a huge swarm of moth-dragonfly things flew at the town. I don't usually mind bugs but I didn't like these ones so I ran home and told them to lock the house up. They told me I was stupid as one of the bugs startedcutting through the glass in the window. That sort of just stopped and I tried to get daddy-ent's attention by banging on him. Then I woke up.

That's really quite strange isn't it?
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