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Leaf The golden leaves of Lorien

Bilbo and Frodo celebrated their birthdays together. How cool is that? And they threw whopping bit parties. I'm not much of a party-thrower, unfortunately.

However I did, once, have the most Middle-Earth birthday party thrown for me that I know of, outside the "Long Expected Party". My friends baked Lembas (wheat-free! no mean accomplishment, that) and on the internet, found as many elvish and hobbitish recipes that they could find, and baked/made them. Then they cut myriads of golden and silver leaf-shapes , and hung them on fish line from the ceiling. They decorated with various golden and silver sparkly leafy things they got from a craft shop. They did a calligraphic quote about the Golden Leaves of Lorien, and hung that on one wall. On another wall, they hung the Menu (with such items as Stuffed baked mushrooms, and lembas of course, and other Tolkienish items. I have the menu somewhere...) Garlands of autumn leaves (October birthday) hung from various places; baskets decorated with clear leaf-beads; candles in crystalline-leafy candleabras; and last but not least, when I came in, they put a garland of ivy leaves on my head. And to prove their amazingly undying and profound love for me, even though she isn't a fantasy fans in general, my friend who threw the party joined the rest of us as we watched The Fellowship of the Ring all afternoon.

And the friend who threw the party had never seen the movie or read the book!!!

She admitted afterwards that the movie was "pretty deep" and did, in the long run, watch all 3 dvds.

What Tolkienish things do YOU do during your birthday celebrations?
...down to the water to see the elves dance and sing upon the midsummer's eve.
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