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Yes, Esty's wiles are nearly as persuasive as those of Merisu. You have her to thank (or blame) for my involvement.

I feel like the new kid on the playground, so just let me know if I need to punch any of you in the nose to earn some respect for myself... er... I mean, let me know if I've mishandled any of your characters or need to fine tune anything.

Thena, I dropped the ball in your court as we (very briefly) discussed. We can talk more if you want help hashing out the encounter with Érry or any of the events that will lead the Itship to Improvas and the Goldlamé Hall, where Théboleggen (the King of Soreham, descended in a long, unbroken line from Bandyshanks the Young) is deeply ensnared in the web of his most trusted advisor, Hamstrung.

EDIT: Esty wisely advised me to list a few other names and ideas we discussed privately so that they can be jointly mangled by all players:

'Hamstrung' is only what they call him behind his back; 'Hasbéen' is his real name. In the queer tongue of the Mike, he is the King's "Émsee" -- his herald and most trusted advisor.

Following the encounter with the Riders, the group may just end up dropping by the Horse Head Inn, wherein may be met stocky fellows who wear pinky rings and make offers that are not lightly refused.

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