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Why thank you, Dr. Underhill. It is indeed a sad day for the Travesty Quantification Project. The most obvious lesson is that since Tolkien became Hollywood blockbuster material the Travest-o-meter, which was designed only for the milder abuses encountered prior to its conception, will have to include an automatic damper and probably some sort of focusing capability. It's also clear that we'll need much more robust microphones: noise levels of up to two-hundred decibels were logged on that last test, not to mention some Old-English words that you won't find in any textbook. I've a nasty feeling that we're reaching Auctorial Manifestation Point (AMP) in the Tolkien world, so that each new word written further provokes the appearance of an irate professorial shade armed with some very biting sarcasm. That being so, this equipment will need to be a lot tougher.

On a more cheery note, that was another hilarious post, as one would expect from someone whom Estelyn has been pestering for ages to join us. The unrestrained and somewhat athletic individual was rather striking in more ways than one, and I can't help but feel that I recognise him from somewhere.

Playground pecking orders here appear to be decided by a game of Charades or in the Swiftian manner of jumping over or ducking under a walking cane. The punching is strictly optional, although my nose is your nose in that respect.

No, Diamond, you may not have my collection of novelty bookmarks in the shape of unopened credit card application forms. Well, maybe once the world's actually come to an end...

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