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Yes, yes, excellent foresight! I’ll begin work on an ectoplasmic modulator which will shield the equipment when Tolkien’s shades begin to rise and head off on their sarcastic errands. The next iteration also quite clearly needs to include industrial grade components and be designed for near one hundred percent uptime. In the past, we could expect reasonable blocks of offline time for maintenance and recalibration – when Robert Jordan was sleeping, for instance, or in between releases of new Hildebrandt Brothers paintings – but this is no longer the case. A redundant array of Travest-o-meters may be the best solution. The load can in this way be distributed across multiple units, and when one becomes overloaded or is burnt out by the unforeseen release of some profane new marketing product or the launch of a fangirl website, it won’t crash the entire system.

Thanks for the compliment. It’s an honor to participate with such a well-endowed group of scribblers. I wonder if Érry will survive his run-in with the Itship, whose penchant for capricious violence is well documented. His chances may be improved by the ability of some First Chair Riders of the Mike to fire amazingly accurate volleys of arrows from the strings of their cellos and violins as they ride.
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