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The Eye

May I echo the welcomes and compliments of the company, Mister Underhill, although I am but a newcomer myself in these wit-ridden parts.

May I ask, will this little machine that you and Dr Squatter are fashioning be available for domestic use? It seems to me that it will be be an essential piece of kit for warding off the phantasmic philologists that the casual reader risks invoking by perusal of these priceless pages.

And, Squatter, Earnur's boating past in the dreaming spires of Morbīrsluv goes a long way towards explaining his soaked present. May he find his way one day to the Great Gin-Palace of his forefathers.

Mith's post suggested to me that it was an appropriate moment for some further plotting by Mogul. I can delete the save if it interferes with anything. If not, I will try to fill it in in the next day or so. Again, it needn't hold the story up.
Do you mind? I'm busy doing the fishstick. It's a very delicate state of mind!
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