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Originally Posted by Brian Sibley View Post
'Giles' (know what you mean about 'Smith' it really only works in that little book with Pauline Baynes' wonderful little pictures) and trust you enjoyed the performance of the actor playing the giant!!
I have to admit that Smith is the only one of the four adaptations I don't really get on with. Its not the script, & I like the actors (Paul Copley I've loved since I heard him reading reading from Pilgrim's Progress on tv many years ago, & I think James Grout was also involved as Nokes??), but somehow it just wasn't Smith for me. Of course Pauline Baynes illustrations are integral to the story & thankfully the latest edition, edited by Verlyn Flieger reinstates them. There is an edition of Tolkien's short stories, including Smith, Niggle, Giles, Roverandom & the Bombadil verses out later this year (with a new cover painting by Alan Lee apparently) which I'm hoping will also include the Baynes illustrations.

Just a quick one - the transcripts I'm linking to for the series - are they entirely legal? If not I can remove the links to them too. I'm now ever so slightly paranioid about this stuff....
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