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Sack-fight, part III

Cnebba and Kara climbed to the pole and readied themselves to start. It was clear that Kara was both bigger and more powerful of the two but would Cnebba’s energy and balance beat that; that was the question people mulled about when Lithor finally announced the match. “Now my friends we’ll have the second round! Let the best man… erm… the best person win!” With that he whistled the start-signal.

The crowd cheered as the two started the match immediately without any hesitation or tactical manouvers. Cnebba pressed on with gusto but Kara defended calmly. Slowly there developed something like a rhythm to the sacks banging on each other. From left, from right, from left, from right…

Suddenly, just before the sacks were going to hit each other Kara staggered and her sack hit the pole instead of Cnebba’s sack which now flew to the left unhindered causing Cnebba to lose his balance. Kara only tried to pull back to regain her balance leaning backwards when her sack hit Cnebba’s from under giving it the final push that sent Cnebba down to the hays.

The crowd was as astonished as the contestants were about the sudden ending of the match but then burst into hurrays and laughter. “Kara has reached the final!” Lithor announced.

“Go Kara go! Go Kara go!” people yelled as she came down from the pole, but when she took Cnebba into her arms and they walked out from under the pole hand in hand the crowd exploded into applause shouting the names of both contestants.

Kara looked down on Cnebba as they walked, “That was an accident, you know? I was as surprised as you were…” she said smiling. Cnebba nodded and returned the smile: “I’ll be cheering for you in the final, Kara!”

“And then, we’ll see who is going to meet the invincible Kara in the final! I’ll give you Erbrand and Dan!” Lithor had to shout as loud as he could to be able to beat the cheers from the crowd.

The match between Dan and Erbrand was a tough one. Both dealt blows to each other but everytime Dan hit his mark Erbrand had to perform his best to regain his balance while Dan seemed to have no trouble at all with that. But Dan had to be constantly anticipating Erbrand’s different swings and ploys. Dan remembered how Erbrand had made his first victory and was on the look out for any similar trick.

It was clear Erbrand would not outbalance Dan, and if he didn’t come up with something and pretty soon it would only be a question of time when Dan would bring him down.

And the time came. Dan made a direct hit to Erbrand’s side sending him falling. But Erbrand managed to give a blow back to Dan’s lower legs while going down as Dan wasn’t defending anymore but mainly getting ready to celebrate a victory. And Dan fell as well. But unlike Dan who fell down directly Erbrand got a hold of the pole with one arm and leg thus giving him the important seconds. When his grip loosened and he finally fell down Dan had already hit the ground.

“Erbrand to the final!” Lithor shouted and the crowds were entertained indeed.
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