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Thornden was taken aback. There was a flicker of confusion on his face, and then he cried in surprise, “Do you mean Kara?” One fragment of astonished laughter escaped him before Erbrand glared him into silence. The fellow was absolutely serious! He was actually offended!

“I have no idea what you’re referring to, Erbrand. Kara’s been here as long as I have and there’s nothing...” he paused. He didn’t know what to say; this was so unexpected. He laughed again, briefly, and then his face was serious. “What are you talking about?” he finally asked.


They were taking a long time deciding. Javan stood back, his arms folded. People were beginning to leave, preparing for the next event, and the boys were still talking. Javan didn’t know whether to be worried about what they were concocting some horrible idea or to criticize them for not being able to agree on anything quickly.

In another moment, he had his answer. They turned towards him, and they both looked sly. They hadn’t been disagreeing, they’d been concocting.

“Okay, Javan, here’s the deal!” Garmund put his hands on his hips as he stated it. “If Thornden doesn’t win you’ll be our servants for two weeks. You’ll serve us in all we want you to. If Thornden wins, we’ll do the same for you.”

Javan’s mouth pulled up on one side. This was an unexpected move. He had figured they would ask for his knife, or something else he had, but this idea had never occurred to him. It was bad enough having to be with them in the mornings for their archery lesson - but to be at their beck and call?

But then Garmund lifted an eyebrow and he and Cnebba snuck an obvious glance to each other. They thought he would back down!

"I'll take your wager," he said. "But see here, two weeks is a long time for one bet. Make it one week."

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