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This was bordering on absurdity. The man was getting jealous for no reason. Thornden had no thought of fulfilling Erbrand’s wants - he wasn’t going to cease speaking and being a friend to Kara because Erbrand was selfish, and the sooner Erbrand realized it, the better.

“Ideas?” Thornden said. “Ideas about Kara? Man, if I were going to fall in love with her, it would have been long before you came around. Listen,” he said, when Erbrand made an impatient and slightly threatening movement, “I have no intentions whatsoever in the form of matrimony towards Kara, and I respect her far too much to make any advances otherwise, as you well know. I resent the fact that you would even think as much. But putting that aside, let me give you a piece of advice. Kara doesn’t want you fighting over her like a spoiled little boy, and the more you quarrel with people - anyone, including Crabannan, but especially lord Eodwine and myself - the less likely she’ll be to accept you when your chance comes to ask her. If you’ve really waited as long as you think you have, don’t ruin it by making a fool of yourself.”

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