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Mellon-Amroth, Dec 15

Amroth sat up with an effort, ran his hand over his eyes, and said, "Mellon, do not fret. You worry too much."

"What?" said Ędegard. "What did you say?"

"Mellon worries too much. He frets too much."

"Mellon? Are you Mellon or Amroth? Mellon!"

Amroth gestured at the boy, who was weaving back and forth between Amroth and his erstwhile companions.

Ędegard snapped back into the present. "What is he doing?"

"He is fretting."

"Tell him to stop!"

"I did so. He paid no heed." With that, Amroth surrendered to his weariness. He lay back, and within seconds was sound asleep. Once again, the lad slid off his horse and tried to drag Amroth away. Amroth did not even stir. The lad shook him and lectured him, casting wild glances at the others, but Amroth did not stir. Finally the boy began to plead.

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