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Shield ROHAN COMPANY: Liornung & Argleafa

"Mellon, hold," Liornung said softly, though he did not look at the Easterling boy. "Move warily. Wait... Stand by Amroth but stand still by him. ∆degard, have you your weapon?"

"Yes," ∆degard replied, his voice grimly quiet, and he said no more than that.

"Then stay here. The shadow has paused, but I think it would be best to wake the lassies." He walked with a strange lightness to the place where the two girls lay and shook Bellyn gently. "Bella," he murmured in her ear, "wake, but do not speak." Her eyes flew open and she stared at him in confusion as she sat up. "Wake Miss Argeleafa," he said. "There is a stranger in our camp." As Bellyn turned and began to wake Argeleafa, Liornung went back to ∆degard's side. "Do you think we should speak to him?" he questioned.

There was a frown on ∆degard's face as he strained his eyes to see the shadow. "I do not know," he said at last. "I do not know what might be in lands such as we are approaching."

Argeleafa had stood, pulling her blanket about her shoulders and brushing strands of tangled gold hair from her face. Taking Bellyn's hand, she smiled gently and said, "Let's not fear. I would take a stand closer to Mellon, the Easterling wayfarer, so we might be nearer his charge. I would have no harm come to him... there is something lordly about him." Still holding Bellyn's hand, she moved towards Mellon but stopped some distance away, a little frown wavering on her face. "I would stop here," she said. "I do not know if the boy trusts us yet. Now let us see what Liornung and ∆degard will do." She tightened her grip on Bellyn's hand and smiled encouragingly, hoping to also find some comfort herself. It was true that Bellyn was younger than her, but it seemed the young Gondorian girl knew more of the road, while Argeleafa felt lost and confused and lonely for her home. She found the comfort she seeked when Bellyn returned her smile.

The shadow moved again and seemed to disappear for a few moments before it came closer to the fire. Liornung stood tensely and spoke to ∆degard. "I do not know what to do," he said. "I have no skill in battles against strangers who come into camp in the early hours. Good ∆degard, I would have you advise me."
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