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As Liornung called for an answer of Ędegard, Bella once again turned to speak privately with Argeleafa. Her eyes looked distant, and her face spoke of some other place than where they sat. Bellyn watched the girl for a moment, curious at the glance and gaze in her companion's eyes. When Bellyn murmured her name, Argeleafa blinked and turned her gaze to Bellyn.

"I once painted a picture, Argeleafa, of two lovers embracing in the twilight of a winter's day," Bellyn explained, remembering the portrait vividly within her own mind. "I never knew exactly how that felt, and I only drew the picture from the stories I had heard and distant memories of my parents. Now I see Amroth, and I feel his pain whenever I see him or whenever he cries out. Even though he is only one half of a pair and I cannot see the other half, I think of the journey he is on and all the trouble he has gone through to find his lady."

Argeleafa said nothing, but nodded slowly as both young women turned to where Amroth lay. They watched him for a moment, with Nethwador and the Elf by his side, sweating and trembling in his dreams. Bellyn frowned, hating to see pain in someone else without being able to help. It hurt Bellyn that she could not help in some way.

As Liornung and Ędegard spoke, Bellyn smiled. "Argeleafa, do you see yourself feeling the same way about Ędegard that Lord Amroth feels for Nimrodel? I can see the energy between you two...I hope I am not being too blunt? You do not have to answer if you do not wish to. I just want to know more about the matter of love that seems to affect so much in this world."
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