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White Tree

Aeron blinked at Mellonin. That must have been the most words she had ever said to hime in one discourse. In fact, that probably surpassed the string of insults that Gwyllion ever hurled at him seriously (and that was the key word here) at one time. He scratched his head and snapped, "If I recall correctly bees are insects and they give honey. And ants are very good workers." He smirked at her and patted himself on the back. That should sufficiently convince her that he was not a worlthess insect.

He didn't wait for her to reply but said, "I wonder what the ranger -- this mighty ranger would do without humble lackey?" He hunched his shoulders, and peered meekly from under his brows. "Can you imagine him bowing his knee to a fire to blow upon the flames? Ha!" he laughed. "He would probably let it die before he did that. Oh no," he continued, his words tumbling from his mouth. "The only reason he seeks your foolish brother is not to tarnish the name of ranger. But in the end, he is just like me," he said.
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