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Of course Mellonin was in a fine cold rage when she stalked back towards the group. Aeron smirked at her. Whatever Ravion had said (and he hoped it had been mean) had gotten her in a worse mood.

Raefindan (drat him) had turned over and was soon quietly snoring. Gwyllion had no intention of going to bed and Aeron caught the warning she flicked his way. She probably wouldn't go to bed leaving him and Mellonin up and risk the chance they'd tear each other's throats out. Not that she'd be much use anyway as she'd faint at the blood. Aeron stifled the chuckle.

Mellonin stiffly went to the ground and glared into the flames. Aeron saw a loose pebble and began to toss them at her. She really was not that attentive as she did not seem to register the flying pebbles. Of course, the fact that he was deliberately aiming wide of her nasty little nose made her inattention somewhat excuseable. On the tenth throw, the pebble landed neatly in his lap. Drat. It was a blasted shame that he had lost his nerve and had aimed for her lap instead of her nose...
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