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Argeleafa stared down at Ędegard with mixed feelings. As she gazed into his face she knew she loved him, but she did not know if she should marry him. She thought of Liornung's words, and his deep desire to have her marry Ędegard. Her eyes raised slowly, and she looked at the young fiddler. He sat atop his steed, his arms folded and his lips turned up in a smug smile as he gazed down at them. And she could not help but laugh.

"Ędegard, there is nothing in all Rohan and in all Middle-Earth I desire more than to wed you," she said, returning her gaze to him, "and so I tell you yes, I give you my heart with joy, and I will marry you. But understand I must seek my father's blessing first, for his sake and the sake of my mother. Yet even if they will not give me their blessing I will still marry you, and seek Liornung's blessing, who has been as a father to me when my own father left his home and people." And then she could speak no longer, for tears rose into her eyes and she wept with joy.
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