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Jord stepped out of her room and shut the door behind her quietly. Then, with surprising quickness and lightness of foot, she glided down the flight of stairs leading to the main floor of the hall, and paused briefly at the bottom. She listened for a moment to reassure herself that her return had indeed been unnoticed, and then stalked out into the main hall. There, among the many-shadowed pillars near the great front doors she waited still and silent, unnoticed by the soldiers and villagers who intermittently passed through, going about their daily tasks.

Uldor and Ulfast would soon be back from their little hunt. Boyish games, she thought. Childish shows of power. Power! To kill a dumb animal! Ha! Jord laughed long and low. All their days were spent grappling for power, (like jackdaws after bits of broken glass, she thought) and yet they knew nothing of the thing they sought. Not as she knew it.

She would wait for them there, to speak with them when they returned from their hunt-game. There were new developments; the time was nearing. With her power restored to her, Jord felt that she could hasten the end of her labor in that petty, wretched little sty.

The great doors swung open suddenly with a long drawn out moan of rusty hinges, and Uldor strode in, followed closely by Ulfast and the hunting party. Ulfing guards held the heavy doors until all had entered, then shut them with a boom. Jord noticed that even once they were inside, the guards remained unusually close by the two princes, and whispered among themselves, casting furtive glances into the shadows. Extra torches were lit and placed in wall sockets, and guards were posted near all the doors. Something had them worried, and Jord knew full well that she was responsible. Let them worry! she thought. She had no desire to kill either Uldor or Ulfast. Not yet, anyway.

Jord stepped forward into the torch-light. Ulfast saw her first, and stopped where he stood, staring at her dumbly. She tilted her head and smiled slightly, then beckoned him over.
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