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Jord grew weary of this stupid man. His weak attempt to parry and riposte could not conceal the ambition which gnawed at his soul, held back only by his numbing cowardice.

"I cannot show you your way, Ulfast," she snapped. "If you are worthy, you must make it yourself. You must prove to Lord Morgoth that you are worthy, worthy to be..." She paused.

Ulfast could not help fixing his gaze on Jord, awaiting her next words. In all other aspect he appeared cavalier, but his glance and his tone betrayed the anticipation and interest that he felt.

"Yes? To be what?"

Jord smiled. The harshness of a moment before vanished.

"Whatever you choose, Prince of the Ulfings. To his faithful servants Lord Morgoth will give thrones of victory, over elves and men alike. They are there for the taking, if you will only stretch out your hand of might, of courage...and take them. Such men are not deterred by circumstances, or by other men."

From seemingly nowhere, Jord produced a long, narrow dagger, cold and deadly, and set it silently on a small wooden table which stood just within the door.

"I will return for this tomorrow at sunset. If it is not here - then so be it. There have been so many murders recently." And with that, she looked straight and deep into Ulfast's eyes, goading him on to a decision.

He spoke not a word.

Perhaps she had overdone it. She was not even sure if Ulfast could comprehend all that she said, but she had said it as plain as she could without revealing her entire hand. Morgoth could care less who ruled the Ulfings - Ulfast would do, and so would Uldor - as long as they could obey orders. His one requirement was this: he needed all of the Ulfings, he needed them united. This gave Ulfast three choices: kill Uldor, die, or follow - and live with his cowardice. Jord personally rather hoped he would choose to kill his brother, as Uldor had yet to match his younger brother's willingness to pay homage to Lord Morgoth. Perhaps if he could be made to see the benefits...

"Very well, Ulfast. I'll go and see your older brother. He must tell me about the hunt, for I hear he killed a boar. He must be a very fine hunter. A very accomplished prince indeed."

Jord turned, and with a rustle and a swirl of long skirts disappeared through the rough wooden doorway and down the hall.
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