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Jord was not far. Just outside the hall she had waited, listening in awful horror to Uldor's conference with Tathren. What was he doing? Was it possible that this Easterling dog should keep his word to Caranthir? It was difficult to believe, but she could not deny the evidence of her own ears. She had failed after all; Morgoth would cast her aside, broken, if alive at all. She began to feel cold.

Suddenly, the meeting was over and Uldor was walking through the hall-doors. In a violent burst of energy born of desperation, Jord seized Uldor by the throat and pressed him against the wall where she had been leaning a moment before, nails digging into the skin.

"Remember Lachrandir, Uldor? Remember Khandr? They set themselves between Lord Morgoth and Lord Morgoth's Will to their own undoing. Would you share their fate?" She was gambling a little now, but it was the only thing she could do. She held Uldor's gaze. "I killed them both. I, Jord, who remember the first mountain and the first wave and the toppling of the Two Trees, who am more than woman-kind." She was really gambling now, for she did not know whether she would be able to summon her power should Uldor attempt to use force. She smirked a little. "Do you wish to see me as I am, Uldor? Do you wish to see the Claw of Morgoth unveiled and raised against you? Do not toy with us."

Uldor spoke steadily, but mastering his emotions only with great effort. He did not wish to provoke this thing.

"It was a lie. I lied to Tathren," he said quietly. "Now hide the knife before someone sees. My guards will not hesitate to spear you first and then ask what you were doing."

Jord dropped the knife and began to shake - and then she began to laugh. It felt extraordinarily good, and for once, she was almost happy to be stitched into this mortal frame.

"Let us talk, Uldor. Where can we be alone?"

"Follow me."

For next several hours, the two of them sat and talked in Uldor's quarters. War was brewing between Morgoth and the sons of Feanor, but neither Jord nor Uldor knew when it would erupt into flame. For the present, then, it seemed best that the Easterlings should continue to appear loyal to the elves, in order that they might gather information for Morgoth and that their eventual betrayal might be all the more potent. Uldor would take a census to determine how many men of military age he had, but, otherwise, they would discuss logistics later. Jord had a message to deliver to her Master.
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