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There, there, Feanor. It's all right.

Saucie, you blackguard. You've really upset her now. You're trying to play the wise mediator, but that sly lupine cruelty just keeps slipping through, to my mind.

I think the good, rustic sense Primrose is showing does credit to us all. She defends the innocent and helpless, and assaults the sophists. I say bilbo and The Saucepan Man, spider molesters the both of them, could have teamed up against the defenceless Shelob. But the bearer of pots is the ringleader, based on my analysis hitherto. Also, the phantom still hasn't tried to defend his character. Does that prove his honesty? Or darken his name?

Alack, there are so many miscreants in this blighted village that I cannot yet decide who to condemn outright. Interesting to note, though, are the frequent duels we have all witnessed between the Saucepan Man and the Phantom. Is this antipathy a cover-up for their blood drenched schemes?
Among the friendly dead, being bad at games did not seem to matter
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