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Originally Posted by Pervinca Took View Post
Celeb is silver, which is an element (Ag).
Ah, ok, the Elvish version. I was just a bit confused for a second.

Originally Posted by Pervinca
Or is it Br for bromine (I think) and O as an expletive/a gasp one might utter when dazed?
I was just meaning to scramble brom(ine).

1. SAURON Finnish invention replaced article with conjunction, tangled lord.
2. ESIWMAS Hobbit's reflection confuses action and location of fish.
3. ANNATAR Rodent jumped back after girl beguiled Elves.
4. G____ Small big boy girl puzzled king.
5. BILBO I replaced you in plant part before exclamation was heard by hobbit.
6. DEAGOL Leave in the middle of a bargain? Don't want to share assets.
7. ALATARIEL Science fiction princess lies back on top of sacrificial table for a crowned maiden.
8. ___R__ One of stone folk stumbles over nomad wizard.
9. NERWEN Revive muddled point, get near-palindrome.
10. CELEBRIMBOR Dazed, cropped element joins thankless star for smith.

Alright, the last two shouldn't be too hard given the password and theme.
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