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Kuruharan is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.Kuruharan is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.
Boots Day One

~~~~~Our Tale~~~~~

The guests awoke, groggy in the early morning light. Wait…early morning light? The guests realized simultaneously that they were outside and had been sleeping on the ground.

What had happened? Why were they not in the main hall of Kuruharan’s Halls?

They looked around to find themselves on the floor of a narrow canyon. All around them were mine shafts and chambers carved into the canyon walls.

After exploring the area, the guests discovered there were exactly enough chambers for each of them and each one of the chambers had one of their names posted on the outside.

In the middle of the canyon, they discovered that same old guillotine from the last time Kuru hosted a party. Beside the guillotine was a sign that read:

“At least I can be grateful that this time there was only one of you who came to my home with murder in your heart! The rest of you will have to find out who it is and dispatch them before I let you back in my house. Be warned, I suspect this foul varlet can convert more of you to their cause!

You will note that I am not letting you stay in my house this time and make a mess of things that I have to clean up later. You’ll manage just fine out here.”

“We won’t stand for this,” shouted several of the bolder guests. They agreed it among themselves that each would set out in a separate direction and find their own ways out.

Half an hour later they were all standing in a circle facing each other around the guillotine. The canyon had turned out to be a labyrinth with no way out.

“If at first you don’t succeed,” the guests said to each other. They set off again, this time in pairs.

When they had reached, “If at seventh you don’t succeed,” even the doughtiest among them began to feel a bit discouraged.

“This is ridiculous,” one said, “we may be stuck here, but there is no reason for us to start killing each other just to find out who allegedly might have come here to kill us! There’s no proof of any of this!”

But what if Kuru was right? What if somebody had come to the party intending to murder them all?

What if…one of them had already joined them..?


It is now DAY 1. You may all post.

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