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Gurthang has just left Hobbiton.
And now, adding in the WWJ stats to the one I previously posted.


Number of games: 6
Modded: 0 (Sub-modded: 1, which I screwed up miserably.)
Ordinary Villager: 3
Werewolf Hunter: 0
Cobbler: 0
Werewolf: 0
Black Beorning: 1

On winning team: 2 out of 6
On losing team: 4 out of 6 (Technically, one of those was second place out of three. )
Survived to end: 1 out of 6

I can't say that adding in the junior stats really helped my appearance, other than fleshing them out a little. So, for my own amusement probably, here's some other random facts(well, not so random.):

What I was:
Black Beorning: 1
Innocent: 5 (Man, I hope I don't make it six in a row!)

What I did:
Killed mercilessly: 1
Acted rationally: 3
Implemented a far-fetched, no-shot-of-ever-working plan: 2

What happened:
Lynched: 4 (2 for stupid plans...)
Killed by wolves: 2
I'm on a Mission from God.
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