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Glirdingo looked at her intently an smiled. "I won't be afraid if you come with me my dear Arianna. For you see, the journey I went on when I left awhile back was to find the Golden Hoard. I won't go into to much detail about it here however."

"But, the winner of the quest has been kidnapped and a request has been sent out from his caretaker too meet him here." He looked over at her. "I do hope you will come with us and whoever else shows up of the old contestants."

It was then that he glanced at the bar and noticed someone sitting there. Hmmm, I didn't see her come in...and from the looks of it, she's an Elf! He looked back at Arianna and asked, "Does that Elf look familiar to you? Like our old friend Marieme?"

Without waiting for an answer he called out. "Marieme!! Over here!" He continued looking at her, hoping the Elf would turn around and look at them.
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