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littlemanpoet is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.littlemanpoet is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.
"It's just as good in the living as in the reading or the telling," said Raefindan to his guest. "Look around you!" The young man with the moppish head of red hair gestured grandly at the bowshaped promontory that overshadowed the city, and his hand continued in an arc encompassing the whole city and the plain below and the rising mountain above.

Raefindan's guest closed his eyes, not to shut out the wonder but to take a moment to take it all in. A small smile came to his bearded face. He opened his mouth to speak his thought, but all that came was, in a murmur, "It's wonderful."

"Is that all you have to say? You're supposed to be such a wordsmith!"

"You're teasing me," Raefindan's guest said. "Well, okay then, so strange it seems, and good, here at the end of all things, as a true hero once said, that you are with me, Raefindan."

"And how could I not be with you, you made me what I am today."

"How could I not have helped you become what you are? You're a part of me."

"Enough of that, here we are," said Raefindan, "The Seventh Star. They're waiting for you."

Raefindan's guest shook his head, the smile of incredulity remaining on his face. "Well, let's not disappoint."

They passed through the front doors and found inside a decorous common room, rich wood beams and clean tables. There was Pio, and UndůmŽ, and Lindo and Hiriest along with some Ents who somehow did not look out of place.

"Greetings, friends!" cried Raefindan, and named himself. "I bring you littlemanpoet!"

Littlemanpoet grinned, abashed, for he saw the plaque on the wall and was humbled at the honor. "Greetings! Please, call me Elempi."

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