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Lalwendė is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.Lalwendė is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.
I've pulled this old thread up because I was just looking at some Alfred Wainwright fellwalking books and they made me think just how 'Hobbity' they are. All 'handwritten' with sketches and fantastic maps drawn by Wainwright himself, together with dry little observations on things you might see on your hikes.

Has anyone else ever been struck by this? You can almost imagine an Alfred Wainwright guide to walking the Ettenmoors or bagging peaks on the Misty Mountains, together with little notes about where to avoid Goblins

Obviously we can't go for any proper walks right now because I don't think a buggy would cope! But as soon as he can walk I'm itching to drag ye childe off to Longshaws - a great 'Hobbity' type walking spot for anyone thinking of visiting the Peak District

That's one of our favourites. Plenty of 'triple-trunked' Beeches and a magical moorland stream, plus the jaw dropping view down towards Hathersage, Mam Tor and 'Orthanc'.

This one on Stanage Edge is good too:
You can pretened to be Keira Knightley or just look for snakes. It's a bit like you imagine the walk from Rivendell to have been. Awesome views.
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